Yukon River Towing employs a local workforce for all of our projects. Our log homes are constructed from logs collected and milled by local residents and we are proud to keep employment and revenues in the Lower Yukon region.

Civil: YRT has built and repaired roads throughout the region and maintains a crew and fleet of heavy equipment to perform a wide range of civil work in the Lower Yukon villages. We have completed emergency road repairs as well as rebuilding existing roads and project site work.

Buildings: YRT can provide new construction services as well as roofing and general repairs for commercial steel buildings, multi-use structures, residential multi-unit buildings as well as a wide array of other structures.

Residential: YRT is available to construct single family homes in any of the Lower Yukon villages. Whether a log or wood framed structure, we have a local crew to design and construct homes, garages or other buildings. We also have several log cabin shell kits that include 2 and 3 bedroom layouts. Please contact us for pricing.

Winter Services: YRT can provide snow plowing as well as numerous other services during the winter months.

Log Cabin Site Log Cabin Frame Log Cabin Wall